Stephen F. Austin State University

College Council

Liberal & Applied Arts Council

The College Council serves as an advisory body to the Dean of Liberal & Applied Arts. Its membership and functions are governed by a constitution adopted in October 2006, and its role in college governance includes the following provisions:

  1. The College Council may propose college policy or revisions to existing or proposed college policies.
  2. Any policy that affects the operation or changes the role of the council should be reviewed by the council before being adopted.
  3. The Liberal & Applied Arts Council should be represented on those college committees whose charges affect or may affect college policy.
  4. The council may designate a member to attend meetings of the Chairs' council as a non-voting member to facilitate the exchange of information between the two bodies.


Meeting Information


2014 |2-12|3-19|4-30|9-15|10-13|11-14|

2013 |1-28|3-18|4-15| 9-10|11-5|11-12|

2012 |1-23|2-13|3-19|9-17|10-15|11-12|12-12|

2011 |5-09|9-26|10-10|11-11|12-11|

2010 |2-08|2-22|4-26|9-27|10-18|11-08|11-15|

2009 |2-09|3-09|4-20|5-11|9-28|10-12|11-09|12-14|

2008 |2-11|3-17|4-14|4-28|9-22|10-14|11-10|11-24|12-01|12-08|

2007 |9-17|10-08|11-12|11-19|12-10|

2006 |11-06|11-20|


Term Expiring

Faculty Member



2016 Elizabeth Tasker English Secretary
2016 Ben Dixon Multidisciplinary Programs

2016 Sharon Eaves Psychology Co-chair
2016 Jeffery Roth Anthropology, Geography & Sociology
2017 James Morris Social Work
2017 Ann Wilder Social Work

Lauren Brewer


Philip Madison

Mass Communication
2017 Brian Tanner Military Science
2017 Andrew Brininstool English
2017 Carrie Kennedy-Lightsey Languages, Cultures & Communication
2017 Darrrel McDonald Anthropology, Geography & Sociology Chair
2018 Steve Galatas Government
2018 George Day Government
2018 Deanne Malpass History
2018 Andrew Lannen History
2018 Paulo Dutra Languages, Cultures & Communication
2018 Casey Hart Mass Communication
Dr. Marc Guidry Dean's Office Ex Officio