Stephen F. Austin State University


Joe Lansdale, Writer in Residence, English Department

Coming to a theatre near you - Joe Lansdale's Cold in July movie adaptation.

Graduate Research Conference Awards

The recipients of the Dean's Research Awards are:

Toie Ann Warner, Social Work -- LIVES (Linking Individuals with Volunteers, Education, and Support). My research has taught me the value of social capital and the potential social capital has to improve the lives of others. I plan on continuing through the process of Social intervention Research to further develop and test my project to evaluate the positive impact of the program. I plan on achieving my PHD in Social Work and utilizing the research developed in this project in my future education. I am truly passionate about this topic and am hoping to continue in this field.

Adviser - Dr. Emmerentie Oliphant

Pamela Temple, History -- Deconstruction of a Company Town: An Oral History Project. By conducting oral histories with former residents of Camden, I am adding to the scholarly understanding of company-owned timber towns. After graduation, I plan to work in an archive where I can continue conducting oral histories.

Adviser - Dr. Scott Sosebee

Jeremy Windham, Junior BFA in English Department's Creative Writing Program

A poem in this year's annual Pen & Pigment show--Jeremy Windham's "Adagio di molto"--has been accepted by the national journal Cider Press Review for publication. You can read the poem and see its beautiful accompanying painting by Santiago Escobedo displayed in the Griffith Gallery until April 16.

Political Science Model Arab League Awards

Stephen F. Austin's Model Arab League team swept the awards ceremony, earning twelve awards, the most of any team. This is only the third year SFA has sent a team to compete in the Regional Model Arab League in Houston. SFA piled up the awards, beating out the competition, including Texas A&M, University of Arkansas, Louisiana State University, Texas State, University of Houston Honors College, among others.

Among SFA's awards Kimberly Fruge' and Karina Erickson won best delegate awards on the Joint Defense Council, and their council won outstanding Committee.

Tailor Aguilar, Forest Bell, Kristen Cade, Steffen Carrillo, Don Escobedo, and Colten Garcia won speaker awards for their exceptional performance.

This year SFA represented the United Arab Emirates and met weekly in the fall and bi-weekly in the Spring to prepare for the competition. SFA Model Arab League faculty sponsor Julie Harrelson-Stephens said the results did not surprise her. "This team really worked hard and every one of them deserved an award. You could tell how much they had prepared. They represented UAE very well and were instrumental in almost every policy passed at the MAL.

During the competition SFA's team dominated every one of the councils." Head Delegate Kimberly Fruge' added that the MAL experience allows students a glimpse into how governments work. "The Model Arab League was not just some conference I could add to my resume, it was also fun and exciting, but most importantly it was an invaluable learning experience."

SFA's 2014 Model Arab League Team:

Head Delegate: Kimberly Fruge'

Joint Defense Council: Kimberly Fruge' & Karina Erickson

Council on Palestinian Affairs: Tailore Aguilar & Kristen Cade

Council on Social Affairs Ministers: Daniel Iwai & Leigh Uranga

Council on Political Affairs: Colten Garcia & Steffen Carrillo

Council on Economic Affairs Ministers: Forest Bell & Don Escobedo

Kimberly Fruge' and Karina Erickson were also student ambassadors to the Latin America / North America Conference that the college hosted last October.

Mr. Andrew Brininstool, Assistant Professor of English

Mr. Brininstool received the NEA Fellowship Award.

Dr. Chris Sams, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Sams has led the English Department to a successful NCATE application; English is now a nationally recognized program for teacher preparation in English, and will be listed as such on websites and other publications of the NCTE and NCATE. This recognition is good through February 2016 and there are only four other English programs in Texas with this distinction.