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Sustainable Communities
The U.S. government predicts that jobs in occupations related to sustainability should increase 52% by 2016 compared to only 14% for all other professions. Nonetheless, a report by the National Wildlife Federation found that academic programs focused on sustainability had actually declined between 2001 and 2008 ( The College of Liberal & Applied Arts is seeking to fill this void by introducing a new Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Sustainable Communities. The degree is designed to enable students to prepare for a career assisting communities to adopt practices that promote a sustainable life style. This approach differs from most other programs that tend to focus on the scientific aspects of environmentalism rather than on the human dimensions of the issue. Our degree is intended to answer the question: What will make social existence livable in the face of difficult adjustments to environmental change? The goal is to leave the world in the same condition as today but without diminishing the quality of life at the same time.

Our new degree in Sustainable Communities will be launched in Fall 2011. Aside from the degree itself, students in any undergraduate major can earn one of three certificates:

These certificates enhance the credentials of students by demonstrating a level of expertise and set of skills that should set them apart in the job market.

For students interested in the plan of study for the degree, click here. Please note that the plan of study is preliminary and still may change slightly.