Stephen F. Austin State University

Faith, Education and Community

The Organization for Faith, Education, and Community is organized to promote scientific research and the dissemination of information about the role faith plays in human wellbeing. Faith, Education, and Community is an interfaith collaboration between faith communities and Stephen F. Austin State University's Center for a Livable World. Areas of emphasis include the role of faith and spirituality in:

The organization offers an annual conference and accepts donations from those who wish to support Faith, Education, and Community's mission and activities. It is our belief that poverty, crime, incarceration, and environmental degradation directly cause human suffering on an immense scale. It seems to us that a divine call to alleviating human suffering is one shared by all languages of faith. It is a call, if we look at the facts, often not heard by the faithful in the United States. The goal of the Organization for Faith, Education and Community is to listen to the various languages of faith in order to bring about real change in our communities and our nation. We seek to avoid the theologies of division and individualism that pervade U.S. religious discussion; we find no room to argue with each other while people suffer and children have little real hope for a better future. We further recognize that theological differences between faiths are real and deeply rooted, but also that these differences should not sideline our goal to alleviate human suffering while building our communities.

Faith and Loss: Light in Darkness