Stephen F. Austin State University

Graduate Students

Overview of Graduate Programs

The College of Liberal and Applied Arts offers graduate degrees in the following eight areas: communication (MA), English (MA), history (MA), interdisciplinary studies (MIS), psychology (MA), public administration (MPA), and social work (MSW). Graduate minors are available in many of these same fields, as well as in criminal justice and sociology. Courses in anthropology, geography, French, Spanish, Latin American studies, and military science are offered as options in the master of interdisciplinary studies degree or as electives to support other graduate degree plans. Increasingly, more courses are taught online to accommodate busy schedules.

In addition to the application materials required by the graduate school, certain programs in the College of Liberal and Applied Arts may require additional application information. Check the admission requirements for the specific degree in which you have an interest to ensure that all essential materials are properly submitted.

About the MIS Degree

The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (MIS) degree allows students to incorporate traditional academic disciplines into unique programs of study designed to achieve personal educational and career goals. Individual programs, created by students in consultation with faculty advisors, typically include three distinct disciplines represented with between six and fifteen semester credit hours. This program is founded upon the belief that there is a need for a practical interdisciplinarian-a specialist in the interrelationship of traditional disciplines.

Students in the MIS program may select one of two program options:

Thesis Option:

Non-thesis Option:

In each option, all MIS students will be supervised by a committee of faculty members representing each discipline in the degree. The format of comprehensive examinations, either written or oral, will be at the discretion of the committee members.

Admission to the MIS Program

To be considered for admission to the MIS program, applicants must have earned a 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA (2.8 in the last 60 hours of coursework) and provide acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken no more than twenty-four months prior to the application date. There is no minimum GRE score that determines eligibility; applicants with higher undergraduate GPAs may be admitted with scores lower than those with GPAs at or near the minimum standards. Typically, successful applicants will post GRE scores within 10% of the national mean for graduate interdisciplinary programs nationwide (530 verbal, 600 analytical). Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement can apply for probationary admission by earning a minimum score of 1200 on the GRE.

All applicants who meet the above minimum GPA criteria for admission as determined by the Graduate Dean must submit a brief, written statement outlining the reasons that the MIS program fits their individual needs and how it will help them achieve their academic and/or career goals. This statement is an integral part of the application and degree planning process, and helps successful candidates identify advisors in the disciplines that will be included in the MIS degree program.