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Generation Jacks

Generation Jacks

What is Generation Jacks?

Generation Jacks (GJ) is an extended learning community exclusively for first-generation students. First generation means neither your parent nor guardian graduated from a four-year institution. GJ is an amazing program that provides a great academic experience and an excellent support network. SPACE IS LIMITED to the first 45 students for Fall 2016. The program consists of the following:

Academic Learning Community

Three of your first semester courses will be exclusively with other GJ students and are taught by some of our best professors! The best part about these cohorts are that your classes are linked together making it easier to learn and drawn connections. There are two cohort options to choose from. While every major can utilize all GJ courses within their degree plan, a GJ advisor can help you preference your cohort if you are not sure. The courses listed in parentheses are the community college equivalents to help you determine if you've taken the course via dual-credit in high school. SFA 101 is our first-year experience course which will help ease your transition to SFA.

Summer Leadership Academy and Residence Community

All GJ students get to move to campus early on Sunday, August 21, and participate in workshops, socials, service, and leadership activities. At the academy, you will get to meet your fellow GJ students, GJ staff members, and the professors teaching the courses in your cohort! Ask any GJ! This summer academy is one of the best part of GJ! The academy costs $40.00 per person to cover early move-in expenses and it will be billed directly to your SFA Ebill. This makes it easy to use your financial aid to pay for. If the fee is a problem, please contact us!

In addition, all GJ students get special housing in Steen on floor 10. This means you will live with other GJ students and have instant access to new friends, study groups, and social events. You will move directly to Steen 10 for the academy.

Service Learning and Mentorship Opportunities

As a GJ, you will get to participate in several community services like The Big Event, the largest day of community service in Nacogdoches. You'll also get to mentor future college students who are also first-generation. In addition to these service activities, you will immediately receive a peer mentor who is an upperclassmen GJ student and a faculty or staff success coach who will both help empower you during your college career and help you reach your goals.

Career and Professional Development

Career readiness is an absolute must in today's world, so GJ gives you a head start on your employability. During your second semester you will take SFA 110 (1 credit hour) which is a career development course that will teach you how to build your resume and develop interview skills, but also allow you to explore careers in your major and ensure your own talents match your career choices. Once you've gained career skills in SFA 110, we will help place you in a 50-hour professional internship in your preferred industry to get you better connected to jobs in your major. This class, SFA 250, will give you 1 hour of course credit during the first semester of your sophomore year.

Early Registration

Yes, all GJ students receive priority registration, which means you get to choose your courses before everybody else at SFA!

Why should I join Generation Jacks?

GJ will provide unbeatable support, an amazing network of friends, and an unforgettable college experience. In addition, GJ...

Why wouldn't you join?

How can I be a GenJack Student?

To join Generation Jacks, you need to be a first-generation student and have been admitted to SFA. If you have not applied for admission, do so here: Once you are admitted, you can submit this agreement form. Remember, only the first 45 eligible students will be chosen to be all 2016 GJ, so it is very important that you submit your agreement form as quickly as possible. You can email, fax, or mail it using the contact information on the right hand side of the page. If you have any questions, please contact us! We are so excited you are interested in being a GJ!