Stephen F. Austin State University

Asia Conference

Asia and the United States: Relationship Patterns and Potential


October 9-10, 2014

Sugar Land Marriott Town Square

Sugar Land, Texas USA

Asia and the United States: Relationship Patterns and Potential

In 2011, the President signaled a new approach to U.S. foreign policy that placed an increased emphasis on Asia. This so-called "rebalancing" of relationships is driven by both security and economic considerations.

U.S. security interests are challenged on several levels, including the military emergence of China, menacing countries in the region (notably North Korea), cyber-terrorism, and instability in countries ranging from Afghanistan to the Philippines. In testimony before the U.S. Senate, Mathew Goodman of the Center for Strategic & International Studies argued that the economic case is just as compelling:

In short, the United States must remain and even deepen its engagement in Asia. As President Obama declared, "Asia will largely define whether the century ahead will be marked by conflict or cooperation, needless suffering or human progress."

Stephen F. Austin State University is hosting a conference on October 9-10 at the Sugar Land Marriott Hotel that explores how a successful partnership between the U.S. and Asia could become a strategic and economic cornerstone of the future. Speakers include Ambassador Harsh Bhasin of India and U.S. Ambassador Michael Armacost.



Setting the Context: History of the Relationship and Current Issues

Moderator: Aryendra Chakravartty, Stephen F. Austin State University


Ambassador Michael Armacost

Ambassador Harsh Bhasin

Adrian Beresford Taylor, 4Sing

Diplomat's Circle - Setting the Context - Video

Socio-Political Context: Governance, Regional Cooperation and Demographics

Moderator: Tomas Segady, Stephen F. Austin State University


Ellen Boccuzzi, Asia Foundation

Joseph Harris, Boston University

Dlynn Armstrong-Williams, University of North Georgia

Socio-Political Context - Video

Security Context: Energy, Regional Threats, Immigration, Defense and Cyber-Security

Moderator: Steven Galatas, Stephen F. Austin State University


Carrie Liu Currier, Texas Christian University

Robert Hathaway, Woodrow Wilson Center

Security Context - Video

Economic Context: Trade, Resources, Globalization, Finance and Investment

Moderator: Michael Stroup, Stephen F. Austin State University


Hoon Lee, Texas Tech University

Troy Stangarone, Korea Economic Institute

Hiroki Takeuchi, Southern Methodist University

Economic Context - Video

Conclusions on the Relationship Patterns and Potential between Asia and the United States

Moderator Forum - Video