Stephen F. Austin State University

Graduate Program

The M.A. in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication degree program emphasizes communication research, theory, and practice. The flexible program offers opportunities for advanced study in interpersonal communication, organizational communication, public communication, and media studies.

The degree program is designed to serve three broad categories of communication students:

  1. those who plan to seek careers in a variety of professional fields requiring theoretical and applied communication expertise;
  2. those who plan to teach communication at the college or university level; and
  3. those who seek to pursue a Doctorate in Communication.

Graduate faculty for the M.A. in Communication offer a broad range of academic expertise in various Communication disciplines. Graduate faculty members believe in a holistic approach to graduate education and are committed to providing the individualized attention that each student deserves.

Students in our program come from colleges and universities across Texas and the U.S. Graduates hold important positions in a wide variety of fields including positions in institutions of higher learning.

Hallmarks of the program are its flexibility and planned personal attention to each student's particular interests and needs. The student may choose, in consultation with the graduate coordinator, courses both within and outside the Department and may elect either a 36-hour program without a thesis or a 30-hour program with thesis.