Stephen F. Austin State University

Dual Language Track

The Dual Language Concentration

The Dual Language track within the Modern Languages B.A. offers a unique plan of study to students who come to SFA with a strong background in one foreign language and who wish to pursue a second foreign language. Students who choose the new Dual Language track study two languages within an intellectual frame-work that allows for comparison and synthesis. They will complete a capstone project that requires them to compare some aspect of the two target languages or cultures. These students will have a minor outside of the Department of Modern Languages. Students who complete the Dual Language track will be well prepared for professional opportunities or further study in a graduate program.

The Dual Language track in the Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages requires students to take 35 hours: the one-hour Introduction to Language Studies course (ILA 215), 21 hours of upper-division courses in their primary language, 12 hours of upper-division courses in their secondary language, and a one hour capstone project. The capstone project is comparative in nature and requires students to synthesize what they have learned in both target languages.