Stephen F. Austin State University

LASUR Journal

First Interdisciplinary Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Research (LASUR)

Edited by: Dr. Sudeshna Roy (Associate Professor of Communication Studies)

What it is:

LASUR Journal is the first interdisciplinary journal that seeks to celebrate and inspire undergraduate researchers from the College of Liberal and Applied Arts at SFA and eventually in Texas and the rest of the world. The Journal strives to celebrate undergraduate student research by publishing work that is blind and peer-reviewed by faculty members from different departments of the College of Liberal and Applied Arts at Stephen F. Austin State University and other Universities from across the country. The LASUR Journal will not only add tremendous value to undergraduate students' portfolios for the competitive job market they face upon their graduation, but , it will also add value to the students' lives by demonstrating the rigor of the process of conceptualizing an idea to completing a sound and meaningful analysis of issues pertaining to the human condition. The Journal will be a platform to promote the work of our young thinkers and leaders in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences as they become more engaged and informed citizens through the process of knowledge acquisition in their college career.


Manuscript Preparation and Submission:

All manuscripts should follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Original Work: Submissions to LASUR Journal must not have appeared in any other published form and must not be submitted to any other publication while the manuscript is under review. All work must be original and studies involving human subjects must have received authorization from the relevant authorities. The editor reserves the right to desk-reject paper submissions to the journal if any versions are found online (except in case of course assignment submission to their own University) because previous publication or posting compromises seriously the blind-review process.
  2. APA Style: All submitted original research manuscripts must be prepared in strict accordance with the 6th edition (2nd printing) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA: see Authors should visit the user-friendly site to check for conformity with the 6th edition of APA style for all parts of their manuscript, including, cover page, page numbers, headers, in-text citations, reference list, quotations, and all other relevant formatting and writing aspects.
  3. Other Sources: Authors that are conducting research using new media and digitally retrieved sources should refer to the following APA link to correctly cite material from social media or other online sources:
  4. Word Count: Manuscripts should be in the range of 4000 to 6000 words in length (inclusive of references, tables, figures, appendices, and endnotes), with 6500 words observed as the strict maximum (approx. 12-20 pages). The upper limit of 6500 words will be enforced for revised manuscripts as well, so it is in the author's best interest to anticipate this word count restriction and plan submissions and revisions accordingly. (Manuscripts less than 4000 words may be sent back for inadequate empirical data, weak presentation of evidence, missing references to key work, and insufficient development of arguments.)
  5. Two Electronic Documents for Submission: Two electronic files only in WORD format (.doc or .docx extension) will be needed to complete the submission process. One document is a title page of the manuscript that should provide complete contact information (name, University affiliation, postal address, telephone, and email) and a brief biographical statement for each author. The second and main document (including all tables, figures and appendices) is your original research paper submission. NOTE: We do not accept PDF files.
  6. Other Elements to be Considered and Included in the Main Manuscript (WORD format) are:

Submit to:

All submission should contain the subject: Submission for LASUR Journal - Spring/Fall (year) - last name of first author

Submit to: Dr. Sudeshna Roy by EMAIL: