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Dedicated to Lumberjack safety

SFA’s highly trained campus police are on patrol 24/7 to keep you, your fellow Lumberjacks and the SFA campus safe and secure.

How SFA UPD works with local law enforcement

The University Police have a good working relationship with the local law enforcement agencies.

These agencies are Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department, Nacogdoches Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Texas Rangers and the FBI. University Police officers assist the Nacogdoches Police Department in city areas adjacent to campus when requested, and University Police officers are assisted on campus by the Nacogdoches Police Department when requested.

There has always been a spirit of cooperation among city, county and campus officers. University Police officers serve city and county subpoenas and, on occasion, warrants. If city or county officers must conduct investigations or serve warrants on campus, they are assisted by the University Police.

How to contact a police officer

To reach University Police, you can dial 911 from any campus phone or one of over 200 emergency phones located on campus. If you’re on a cellphone, you can reach campus police at 936.468.2608. Calling 911 from your cellphone will connect you to the Nacogdoches Police Department.

For non-emergencies, you can contact us by phone, email or office visit.

Police services and training programs

Escorts and evening shuttles

Worried about walking across campus late at night? The Department of Public Safety’s evening shuttle service runs from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. Six bus stops are located around campus. You can always call 936.468.2608 to request an escort to get you home or to your car safely.

Vehicle assists

Car won’t start? Keys locked inside? Call 936.468.2608 for assistance.

Crime prevention programs

The University Police Department offers crime prevention programs several times per semester. Topics include personal safety awareness, residential and office security, sexual assault awareness, rape aggression defense and drug and alcohol awareness.

For program dates and times, call 936.468.2252.

The University Police Department will also present these programs to your group or organization by request. To schedule a crime prevention program for your organization, call 936.468.2252.

Lumberjack Guardian

Lumberjack Guardian is a mobile app designed to enhance the safety of everyone on campus. Among its features, the app includes a panic button that alerts campus police to your mobile location with one touch. It also allows you to set personal timers and identify “Guardians” that will be notified if the timer expires. The app also includes a place to store your own personal emergency contact information.

Download the app from your iPhone or Android device’s app store and use your SFA-issued email address to create your personal profile.

Defensive driving

The Department of Public Safety offers a six-hour defensive driving course several times per semester. It costs $25, and you can register by email or by phone at 936.468.2607.

Property registration

Use your mySFA account to register valuable property in case it is lost or stolen. University Police and other law enforcement agencies will use the database to help locate items such as computers, bicycles, jewelry and more.


University Police Department
Fax: 936.468.3984

Police services available 24 hours a day.

232 E. College St.
PO Box 13062, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3062

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