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Internship Information & Application


Internship Information & Application

Mass Communication internships provide qualified students with on-the-job experience and academic credit for working in professional settings in Radio, Television, Journalism, Advertising, Photojournalism, and Public Relations. Surveys of job opportunities indicate a need for supervised study, experience, and on-the-job training for students planning to enter the professional fields.

The internship course provides opportunities to observe and analyze the methods, techniques, and creative processes of professionals. To determine eligibility, an application form must be completed. Internship credits are available only to students enrolled in the Mass Communication program at Stephen F. Austin State University.

For additional information contact Dr. John Allen Hendricks, director of Media Internships.
Email Dr. John Allen Hendricks at

Follow these simple steps to apply:

1. You are responsible for finding an internship. Search online or view the Internship bulletin board on the second floor of the Boynton Building.
2. Complete an Internship Application Form.
3. One week later, drop by the Mass Communication office (Boynton Rm. 301) to complete the process.

Click for Internship Application Form