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Journalism (pre fall 2012)

Photographic Journalism LabJournalism courses provide the student with a diversified program of study in journalism. Courses in news gathering, writing, editing and photojournalism are considered basics; thereafter, the student branches into more specialized areas. In the journalism sequence, courses may be grouped to meet career objectives in reporting-editing, photojournalism, advertising and public relations.

Award Winning Journalism and PhotographyGreg Patterson Photojournalism Professor

The Pine Log is the official newspaper of the students of Stephen F. Austin State University. It is published each Monday and Thursday during the fall and spring except during University holidays and final exams. College newspapers like The Pine Log are considered by students to be their most personal, honest and credible news source. Not only is The Pine Log the most effective medium for the SFA college target market, it is also the most efficient. There is no wasted circulation and no need for costly duplication. The Pine Log's circulation is 7,000 during the fall semester and 6,500 during the spring semester. The paper reaches more than 12,000 students and 600 faculty members. The Pine Log is distributed on campus free of charge. Subscriptions by mail are available at $35 per academic year.

Advanced Journalism Labs

Mass Media Boynton 202 Journalism LabWe realize the importance of training student to industry standards. The Journalism program goes beyond being standard by giving undergraduate students opportunities to work with cutting edge technology. With the global emphasis on social media, Mass Communication students are learning from the best using the best equipment.

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