Stephen F. Austin State University

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2019-2020 Student Organizations Calendar of Events

2019 Fall Semester


- HIV Awareness on October 15th (afternoon speaker), 16th (tabling), 17th (Day of Testing) ALL FREE!!!
- VDR Certification on September 12th
- Celebration LULAC on September 20th (Friday) for winnings awards in Twilight Ballroom @ 7-9 pm (National Pres. will be attending; Dress to impress!)


- ASO the Show on October 17th (looking for talent, sign-up on October 1st)
- Tryouts for ASO Dance Team on September 11th & 12th from 8-10 pm in HPE
- Fundraiser on September 17th from 11-2 pm on the Yard
- "Condom Sense" on October 23rd (Wednesday of Homecoming) - Tentative
- Faculty/Staff Car Wash on September 20th from 4-6 pm in front of O'Riley (SFA Today & MySFA)


- Swap & Shop on September 26th from 6-8 pm
- Skate Night on September 18th
- Fashion Show on October 30th
- Model Tryouts on Sept. 10 @ 6 pm in Grand Ballroom / Dance Tryouts on Sept. 11 from 8-10 pm in Rec


- Bi-weekly meetings in Tejas @ 4pm
- Bento Box in October around Halloween
- Fried Dumplings Sale - Tentative
- Korean Pancakes - November


- Weekly meetings in Pine Log @ 7 pm (First meeting on Sept. 12th)
- Nation Voter Reg. Day on September 24th (Free Food!) @ Surfin' Steve - 11-2 pm
- VDR Certification (Sept. 20th @ County Annex)


- Noche Latina on September 15th - TBA
- Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration on September 17th @ Plaza
- OLA Conference on October 25th


- Tiered Room on Tuesdays @ 7 pm (biweekly- Sept., weekly- Oct.)
- Interest Meeting in Tiered Room @ 7pm on September 10th
- Profit Night @ Newks on Sept. 23rd
- NAACP Gala in Twilight on Nov. 15th @ 7 pm


-Taste of the World on September 12th in Kennedy Auditorium 5-7pm


- Tunnel of Oppression
- National Coming Out Day on October 11th
- Something to Chew On - Culture Climate at SFA, Wednesday September 25th at Noon in the Office of Multicultural Affairs


- Annual Gumbo (Date, Time and Location TBA)

2020 Spring Semester