Stephen F. Austin State University

Male Mentoring Initiative


The purpose of the O.M.A's "Male Mentoring Initiative" is to support first-year males of color in their transition to student life at Stephen F. Austin State University. The program emphasizes the importance of academic excellence and personal growth. First-year male students are paired up with current male leaders who exhibit a balance between academics and involvement. This peer-to-peer mentoring program sponsors and encourages attendance at specific programs to enhance academic and social involvement at SFA in which mentors and mentees actively interact and participate.


Our overall goal is to help first-year male students acclimate to their new community and university. Many times students experience confusion when they arrive in a new environment. They do not know where their classes are, how to navigate the campus, what questions to ask or how to get involved. Therefore, our goals are to:

  1. Support male students in increasing independent living skills

  2. Educate first-year males on the stressors of college

  3. Develop leadership skills while promoting academic excellence

  4. Increase retention rates among first-year males of color.

  5. Provide continuous and relevant training to equip Mentors with resources to effectively assist their mentees

  6. Provide a safe and consistent relationship between students, faculty, and staff


By participating in the OMA's Male Mentoring Initiative Program, students will be able to....
  1. Appreciate students from diverse backgrounds
  2. Demonstrate accountability for their learning experience and academic success
  3. Identify key university resources that will assist them in there retention and graduation
  4. Create relationships with a network of peers, faculty, and staff on campus
  5. Effectively practice developmental skills, such as time management, study skills, and career planning
  6. Have access to personal and professional enrichment opportunities
  7. Sponsor and encourage attendance at programs in which mentors and mentees actively interact and participate