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Financial Aid

Degree Evaluation

Degree Evaluation (CAPP)

Plan of Study Financial Aid Overview:

Department of Education regulations mandate that Financial Aid students will only be eligible to receive funding for registered courses that are on their degree plan. Beginning Fall 2017, students need to be aware of this change when registering for classes for the upcoming fall 2017 term and plan classes accordingly. Students are advised to only register for classes on their plan of study; if a desired class is outside that plan options may be discussed with the student’s Advisor.

Students are able to easily view their plan of study on-line, further providing assistance in planning to take applicable courses. Access to the plan of study is through mySFA on the Advising tab under the “Education Planning” section by selecting the link named “Degree Evaluation (CAPP)”. A tutorial on how to run the evaluation is also found in this section named “Degree Evaluation (CAPP) Tutorial.

The plan of study refers to the degree requirements that were submitted to and approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. These requirements are defined in the Banner student information system under the Degree Evaluation, also referred to as CAPP.

Important Information:

  • If you are enrolled in classes for the fall term that will affect your financial aid, you will receive notifications over the summer by email and in the mySFA Home page under the “Important Notifications” section.  These notifications will be repeated before the rule is implemented for Fall 2017.
  • Financial Aid undergraduate students need to be taking a minimum of 12 hours from the plan of study in order to be considered full-time. The university recommends that students take at least 15 hours each semester to graduate in a timely manner.
  • Financial Aid graduate students need to be taking a minimum of 9 hours from the plan of study in order to be considered full-time.
  • This is not a retroactive rule; it will begin for fall courses 2017 and be the standard moving forward.
  • Students are able to look at their plan of study to make sure they are taking approved courses. They can find links for “Degree Evaluation (CAPP)” and the corresponding tutorial describing how to run the process in their mySFA on the Advising tab, under the Education Planning section.
  • There will be multiple communications sent out before this rule takes effect through email and in mySFA Important Notifications section. For the students registered and affected by the rule, special communications will be targeted to those students notifying them there is an issue and providing suggestions for remedy. Students must read their emails and mySFA Important Notifications to receive all official SFA communications.


Direct Loans - A student is taking 6 hours and is “enrolled” as a half-time student and would be eligible to receive a direct loan.

  • If a 3 hour class is not listed as counting towards their degree then they would only be enrolled in 3 hours (less than half-time for financial aid purposes) and would no longer be eligible to receive direct loans.
  • They would still be paying the tuition and fees associated with these courses but will be ineligible for a Direct Loan to cover the costs for both courses.

Federal Pell Grant - A student is taking 12 hours and is “enrolled” as a full-time student. They would receive the maximum amount of Pell.

  • If a 3 hours class is not listed as counting towards their degree then they would be enrolled in 9 hours (3/4 time) for financial aid purposes and would receive less Pell.
  • They would still be paying the tuition and fees associated with this course but will be ineligible for a portion of the federal aid to cover the costs for this course.


I was told that my registered classes need to be in my degree plan to maintain my financial aid status (full-time, part-time, etc.). What do I do now?

  • If you are registered, run your degree evaluation through mySFA to find out if your registered classes are in your degree plan. Registered courses in the "courses not counted" area re the ones that don't count in your degree plan.
  • If you are not registered, run your degree evaluation and compare to your advising slip to confirm the degree plan courses.

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