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Mission of the School of Nursing:

Our mission is to provide students a foundation for success as graduate nurses who are ethical, competent critical thinkers by providing an educational environment that promotes holistic health care in an educational community dedicated to teaching, research, creativity and service.

The mission of the School of Nursing is congruent with both the mission of the College of Sciences and Mathematics (CSM) and the University. The three mission statements address providing the student a foundation for success, a commitment to ethical and responsible citizenship and professionalism, and an educational environment dedicated to teaching, research, creativity and service.

Core Values: The Individual Student

An individual, group, or community with unique genetic endowment, self care knowledge and resources, perception and culture, experiences, and adaptation potential. The client/student is a valued and respected partner in achieving maximum potential.

Teaching and Learning

Facilitation of meaningful learning which provides a university level foundation on which to base graduate education in the discipline of nursing. Each nursing graduate is expected to meet the academic and ethical standards of the profession of nursing by thinking in disciplined, critical, quantitative, qualitative ways.

Intellectual and Creative Discovery

Encourage the student to investigate the health needs of a changing society and to think in creative ways to provide holistic health care to culturally diverse populations.

Service Interdisciplinary

Collaboration to meet the needs of culturally diverse population.

Academic Achievement

Provide an environment in which the student becomes an ethically guided, critical thinker who uses a substantive general education in traditional and nontraditional ways to provide proactive, compassionate care.

A profession of arts and science dedicated to facilitating, nurturing, and providing unconditional acceptance in the attainment of an individual's maximum potential. Nursing encourages positive integration of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning to build cognitive structures for problem solving.

Maximum potential denoted by dynamic equilibrium among various cognitive, psychosocial, emotional, and physiological subsystems of the client.

Internal/external stressors/distressors

Making Our Mission Real! World of Opportunities Awaits You at the Richard and Lucille Dewitt School of Nursing at SFA.

Stephen F. Austine State University School of Nursing Graduate Pledge

DeWitt School of Nursing Graduate Pledge

As a nurse I pledge to:

Use my knowledge and skills to provide compassionate comprehensive care to my clients and their families.

Care of my clients with respect for their individual differences.

Be the advocate voice for my clients when their voice is not heard.

Provide courage and support during times of suffering and pain.

Treat myself and my colleagues with care and respect.

Collaborate with other disciplines in providing optimum care for all clients.

Practice nursing in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act and the Nursing Code of Ethics.

Participate in the profession's efforts to be a leader in the delivery of health care.