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Caregivers Nursing Scholarship in Home Care

Professional Caregivers in Home Care:

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New Scholarship for Nursing Students!!

Medical City Dallas Scholarship! Please see the PDF and follow instructions.

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Scholarship Recipents for 2017

Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship is new to the DeWitt School of Nursing. Please see the forms below for more information. This scholarship MUST be postmarked by May 1, of each year.



Please see the forms above for the application and instructions for this scholarship.

Ruby Dean Nursing Scholarship


Students pursuing a BSN

Minimum 3.0 GPA

Student with financial need

Renewable to recipients until they complete their BSN

The estate of Ruby Dean has provided funding for a nursing scholarship at the SFA Richard and Lucille School of Nursing. According to Jeff Davis, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs at SFA, "Ruby Dean and her husband Davis were philanthropist from the Ft. Worth area who supported various college and schools through scholarship contributions. Mrs. Dean left a significant portion of her estate in support of higher education including the support of deserving nursing students here at SFA."

The selected students identified a passion and leadership qualities for nursing. The first recipients of this scholarship are BreAnne Ford and Michelle Nash. These deserving nursing students are entering third semester nursing courses in the fall of 2013.

Ms. Ford states that she is "truly blessed and honored to receive this scholarship." She plans to honor Ruby Dean's generosity "by graduating in May of 2014, becoming an exceptional nurse, and by being in a position to help others."

Ms. Nash state "I could never put into words how much this scholarship means to me; because of it I will now be able to continue to follow my dreams and become a nurse." This scholarship will allow her to have "one less worry as I follow my dream and focus on becoming the best nurse I can possible be."

According to Dr.Glenda Walker, Director of the SON, "nursing scholarships enable many students to continue their nursing program with out having to compromise their educational studies for financial reason. All too often, we see nursing student working numerous hours in order to pay their tuition, which is very difficult because of the rigor and time consuming curriculum of nursing programs. The DeWitt SON is honored to have the Ruby Dean scholarship."

2017 Student Recipients: Bria Johns and Jordan Jones

Richard and Lucille Dewitt/Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Scholarship

The newest scholarship available to nursing students is the DeWitt/Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Scholarship. This scholarship is in honor of the Memorial Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary, with the intent of providing educational opportunities to deserving individuals wishing to obtain a BSN from SFASU.

Application deadline for the fall semester is April 15th and application deadline for the spring semester is November 15th

Requirements established by both the University and the DeWitt Scholarship Fund Board of Directors must be met by the recipient of the scholarship. SFASU is the only approved school/university for the program.

The recipient of the scholarship must agree to abide by the terms of the Scholarship Agreement Contract. The recipient must agree upon graduation to work as a Registered Nurse for Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital for three (3) years.

Failure to do so will result in the recipient reimbursing the fund for the amount received. If a student receives this scholarship, it is ongoing unless the student fails a course.

The repeat of that course will be paid by the student and he/she must reapply to be reconsidered for future funds.

2017 Recipient
: Erin McClanahan

Albert and Wilda Harris Scholarship

It is the expressed wish of the family of Albert C. and Wilda Mae Harris to provide scholarships and financial assistance for outstanding students attending SFASU. Students who apply for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  1. be accepted into the SFASU School of Nursing
  2. be enrolled as a full time student
  3. have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better

The scholarship is awarded on merit. If the recipient meets the above requirements, he or she is eligible to receive the scholarship automatically for a maximum of four consecutive semesters (summer sessions not included).

Scholarship applications must be submitted on or before May 1st.


Betty Baker Scholarship**

Scholarship applications must be submitted to the Director's Office of the SON on or before May 1.

This scholarship is awarded in honor of Mrs. Betty Baker, wife of Dallas Baker and mother of Kathy McGough. Ms. Baker died from cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart.

The family offers this scholarship to students who meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to learn more about the disease.

A six to ten page double spaced research paper on this illness is required in order to be eligible for consideration. The scholarship is awarded for the fall semester only.

2017 Recipient: Hayley Grossursing

Bone Hill Foundation Scholarship

Bone Hill Foundation Scholarship:

W. A. Bridges and wife left their land in a trust called Bonehill Foundation, to be run by trustees after his death. It was to be managed for its timber production, oil and gas leases, etc. The profit was to be used for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes. This included scholarships, grants, and loans to be determined by the trustees. Scholarships are awarded to students from all the Shelby County High Schools

Other Available Scholarships

Name of Scholarship 2017-2018 Recipient
Lena Arnwine Scholarship* Rachel Ewing
Georgia Hall Albea Scholarship* Kristen Richter
A. Baily Scholarship* Sarah Koerth
Ted Bowen Scholarship* Darian Marceaux
Boswell Cochran Asem Alshomali
M. Compton Scholarship* Victoria Bruhn
Richard and Lucille DeWitt Scholarship William Simpson
Juanita Fuller Scholarship* Casey Barfield
B & B Irwin Nursing Scholarship Kaela Hudman
Lula Mae Lay Scholarship* Karly Hornberger
Cole Kammeyer Natalie Barringer
Nacogdoches Medical Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship* Kristi Reed
Jim Palmer* Sarah Volding
G. Pruitt Scholarship* Charles Clark
Beverlyanne Shiely Robinson Scholarship* Kierstin Smith
University Advancement Scholarship*
Helen Rogers Scholarship* Zoe McAuley
S. Wallace Scholarship* Shelbi McGowen
W. Wilson Scholarship* Brianna Knight & Romanita Letlow
Helen Worth*

(*) denotes scholarships for Nursing students only.

Visit the SFA Scholarships page to see information about the above scholarships.