Stephen F. Austin State University


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application deadlines?

Applications may be stated at anytime, but the following deadlines will be adhered to strictly:

August 15 to enroll in Spring semester

February 1 to enroll in Fall semester

The application process is conducted through the NursingCAS system ( Applicants are encourage to begin the admission process two months in advance of deadline date in order to complete application on time.

Are the application deadlines ever extended?

No, the applications must be submitted before deadline dates (postmark must be before midnight on the deadline date).

Do I have to submit official transcripts to the Admissions Office AND to the School of Nursing?

No. SFA must receive official transcript showing courses being transferred in from other colleges. The second official transcript is sent to NursingCAS by the Admissions/Registers' Office at SFA.

Will I be allowed to complete prerequisite and cognate courses after being accepted?

It is expected that the prerequisite courses be completed before or at the time of application. Cognates MUST be completed. However, in some circumstances, exceptions are made on a few prerequisites, such as prescribed electives, etc., and the student is allowed to take the needed course between the first and second semesters of nursing. Approval must be given by the Student Affairs Committee for this to be allowed.

How can I know what to include in the Nursing CAS application packet?

The following items are loaded to the NursingCAS application system for each applicant.

  1. Biographical information
  2. Personal data
  3. Parent and family information
  4. Background information
  5. Colleges attended
  6. Coursework
  7. References
  8. Personal statement
  9. Privacy statement
  10. Designation (Do NOT check gradate program choice)

TEAS test scores are sent directly to the School of Nursing. They are not loaded to the NursingCAS system.

SAT, ACT, and THEA scores are to be placed on the General Application for Admission form to SFASU Admissions.

The requirements and general instructions for the NursingCAS can be found on this website under the link "Admission Process".

What is the nursing entrance test?

The SFASU Dewitt School of Nursing requires the TEAS V , this is the nursing entrance test which is basic skills test (reading, math, science).

Where can I take the nursing entrance test?

At SFA, the test is administered through the Counseling and Career Services office. Information on how to contact them is in the BSN brochure. Other schools also give this test, but not all schools. You will need to search for a school near you to take it, if coming to SFA is inconvenient, or check on the ATI website:

What is a petition and when do I need one?

When you apply, if petitions are needed for unblock courses, you will be notified by e-mail to submit the necessary petitions. If the course you are bringing to SFA has a nursing prefix (NUR or NURS), it must be petitioned. The instructions and form as a PDF form are here: Petition_instructions_and_form.pdf

If I apply and am denied, can I reapply?

Yes. However, all coursework must be complete and all criteria must be met. You will update NursingCAS, as needed, on any work completed.

Is there an accelerated program in the SON that will allow me to finish in less than four semesters?

Not at this time.