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Division of Multidisciplinary Programs


The Division of Multidisciplinary Programs, a new division only recently developed in 2012, integrates the previous Office of Interdisciplinary Programs with a couple of other original programs. This unique division offers several degrees, a few of which are made to be tailored to meet a student's needs.

As Stephen F. Austin State University is dedicated to offering the Lumberjack population those opportunities that will best prepare them for the challenges of living and working in a global community, it is the belief of our division that one of the strongest opportunities that we can provide is the option for interdisciplinary study and learning.

What is a Multidisciplinary Program?

The degree programs housed within this new division are interdisciplinary in nature and have been designed to offer academic opportunities for students whose professional and educational desires either do not correlate with traditional major programs offered at the university or those who are seeking degrees that stress the importance of interdisciplinary discussion and knowledge. In this sense, students can personalize their own degree by merging two or more relatable areas of study to fit their needs.

This type of learning situation encourages students to broaden their academic horizons through participating in our enriching programs. These programs have been thoughtfully designed to display how similar academic and professional exchanges occur in differing arenas of study. We believe that linking these studies together better prepares students to solve complex problems encountered in everyday life.

Information on each of the major programs can be found by following the corresponding link found on the left hand side of this page.

Fall 2015 Course Offerings

In addition to our regular introductory courses, we offer specialized upper level courses as well. Check out some of them below!

PHI 333 Philosophy in Science: Harry Potter

PHI 333 - Philosophy in Harry Potter - uses the Harry Potter series to introduce and explore philosophical problems such as good vs. evil, self and other, perspectives on death, and mythological analysis.

For more information, please click on the link below.


PHI 350 Medical Ethics

In Philosophy 350: Medical Ethics, we will examine ethical dimensions of medical practices. Among the topics covered are physician assisted suicide, rationing of health care, cloning, and animal research. Additionally, because this class is likely to include future or current health care professionals, we will also examine important moral dimensions of physician-patient and nurse-patient relationships, focusing on the moral meaning most see as inherent in these relationships.

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PHI 400 Philosophy of World Regilions

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Faculty Updates

Latest Publications

nullDr. Owen M. Smith and Dr. Anne Collins Smith, Associate Professors

of Philosophy and Classical Studies in the Division of Multidisciplinary

Programs, recently edited the 14th edition of the popular ethics textbook

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Moral Issues (McGraw-Hill, 2014).

The Smiths were invited by the publishers to take over responsibility for

this textbook after the previous editor retired. In addition to replacing

many of the articles in the anthology and writing supplemental material

for every chapter, they also updated the accompanying Instructor's

Resource Guide with discussion suggestions and sample questions for

all of the new articles.

Dr. Owen M. Smith and Dr. Anne Collins Smith co-authored and recently published "A Prison for Others-A Burden to Oneself," in The Dynamics of Interconnections in Popular Culture(s) by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. A comparison of women's roles in the Prisoner series of 1967 and the 2009 AMC remake, this chapter contrasts gender roles in the remake and original versions, along with examining parallels between the two sources.

Current Events

Click on the link below to read about the screening of the film, "Las Analfabetas" which was shown last week as part of the International Film Festival being headed up by Dr. José Neftalí Recinos and Dr. Gabriela Miranda-Recinos.


The films are shown at 7 p.m. every Wednesday throughout October in room 142 of the Liberal Arts North building.