Stephen F. Austin State University

Division of Multidisciplinary Programs


The Division of Multidisciplinary Programs is a unique division which offers several degrees, a few of which are made to be tailored to meet a student's needs.

What is a Multidisciplinary Program?

The degree programs housed within this new division are interdisciplinary in nature and have been designed to offer academic opportunities for students whose professional and educational desires either do not correlate with traditional major programs offered at the university or those who are seeking degrees that stress the importance of interdisciplinary discussion and knowledge. In this sense, students can personalize their own degree by merging two or more relatable areas of study to fit their needs.

This type of learning situation encourages students to broaden their academic horizons through participating in our enriching programs. These programs have been thoughtfully designed to display how similar academic and professional exchanges occur in differing arenas of study. We believe that linking these studies together better prepares students to solve complex problems encountered in everyday life.

The division houses the following degrees and minors: