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Classical Studies

Classical Studies Minor Information and Requirements

Classical Studies Minor (18 hours)
Joyce Johnston, Coordinator
Ferguson 273AA
(936) 468-6772

The minor in Classical Studies enables students to become familiar with the world of classical antiquity through a variety of disciplines. Central to the program is the principle that we can gain invaluable insights into contemporary culture by studying its ancient roots. All students in the minor will have an introductory understanding of learn a classical language (Latin or Greek); they will also be required to study Greek mythology and to do close reading of classical literature in translation. These studies will provide students with a unique understanding of the thought processes, ideas, and values of ancient peoples. Students will also have the opportunity to explore other facets of the classical world, including its philosophy, politics, history, and art.

Prerequisite Courses: A prerequisite to the minor in Classical Literary Studies is the completion of either GRK 132 or LAT 132 with the grade of C or higher.

Required Courses: (6 hours)
ENG 300: Mythology
HIS 318: Ancient World

Elective Hours (12 hours): Four of the following courses:
ART 483: Greek and Roman Art
ENG 304: Ancient/Classical World Literature
PHI 310: Classical Philosophy
PSC 335: Classical Political Thought
THR 460: History of the Theatre I

All substitutions for required and elective courses must be approved by the director of the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs.