Stephen F. Austin State University

Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Information and Requirements

Women's and Gender Studies Minor (18 hours)
Dr. Linda Levitt, Coordinator
Vera Dugas Liberal Arts North, Rm 415
(936) 468-1236

Dianne Dentice (Sociology), Karol Chandler-Ezell (Anthropology), Anne Collins Smith (Philosophy), Courtney Wooten (English), Jill Carrington (Art History), Ann Wilder (Social Work).

A minor in Gender Studies merges the academic journey with the personal one. It recognizes gender as a primary category that organizes and directs our lives. By combining courses across disciplines, the program exposes students to a variety of perspectives and research methods. It permits individuals to develop their own interests as they analyze and deepen their understanding of Gender in their everyday lives and in the world. The minor will enhance students' sense of personal identity and their competence in any occupation. It will enrich their experiences as citizens in a diverse and changing world.

Required Courses (6 hours):
Three hours from: SOC 330 Sociology of Gender
Three hours from: COM 400: Women in Media

Elective Courses:
(4 from among the following in a minimum of 3 disciplines; 6 of these hours must be upper level)
ANT 231, ART 447, ENG 350, ENG 351, ENG 356, ENG 448, HIS 314, HMS 146, HMS 230, HMS 336, HMS 353, HMS 459, PSY 153, SWK 425, SOC 253, SOC 338, SOC 477.

All substitutions for required and elective courses must be approved by the director of the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs.