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International Studies

International Studies Minor Information and Requirements

International Studies Minor (18 hours)
Julie Harrelson-Stephens, Coordinator
Vera Dugas Liberal Arts North, Rm 135
(936) 468-2145
FAX: (936) 468-2732

Robert Allen (History), Michael Tkacik (Government), Elizabeth Rhodes (Kinesiology & Health Sciences), Kevin West (English)

The purpose of the International Studies program is to promote a greater awareness of the shape and importance of international affairs in the twenty-first century. Central to the International Studies program is the belief that educated men and women need to understand the trends that are currently transforming the relations between the various regions of the world - and in particular, the increasing "interconnectedness" of the world's cultures, businesses, labor forces, financial structures, political institutions, and communications media. These developments require a rethinking of basic notions of citizenship, community, and nation. By encouraging students to develop global perspectives on their primary majors, and by promoting an interdisciplinary approach to issue of vital concern in the contemporary world, the International Studies program seeks to enhance the ability of students to reflect upon, and to participate effectively in, the age of "globalization."

The following restrictions apply to this program:
1) Competence in a foreign language through the second semester, i.e. the 132 level of study. For languages other than those taught at the university, consult with the coordinator of International Studies. The foreign language requirement is waived for students who have been educated where a language other than English is the medium of instruction.
2) Students may only apply 2 courses from their first major to meet the IS requirements

Required Courses (12 hours)
Twelve hours from:
ANT 231
GEO 131
PSC 332
ECO 231

Elective Courses (6 hours)
Selected with advice and consent of the advisor; both courses must be upper-level.
Anthropology: ANT 382, ANT 441
Communication: COM 435
Criminal Justice: CJS 308, CJS 350
Economics: ECO 339, ECO 480
English: ENG 348, ENG 405
Finance: FIN 433
French: FRE 330
Geography: GEO 365
History: HIS 303, HIS 320, HIS 328, HIS 332, HIS 352
Latin American Studies: LAS 300
Management: MGT 422
Marketing: MKT 452
Political Science: PSC 304, PSC 333, PSC 441
Psychology: PSY 310
Sociology: SOC 330, SOC 357, SOC 378, SOC 379
Spanish: SPA 330

All substitutions for required and elective courses must be approved by the director of the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs.