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Course Offerings

Projected Course Offerings for the Division

The Projected_Course_Offerings.pdf for the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs includes all of the Division's undergraduate courses, including Applied Arts & Sciences (AAS), Latin American Studies (LAS), Latin (LAT), Liberal Studies (LBA), Philosophy (PHI), and Religious Studies (REL).

Course Offerings for the Interdisciplinary Minors

Please select the appropriate link for a list of the required and elective course offerings for each of the interdisciplinary minors:


minors spring 2018

Please note that REL 300: Introduction Studies and SOC 341: Sociology of Religion, both of which are required for the Religious Studies minor were offered in the spring of 2016.

Special Topics Courses

In addition to our regular courses, we offer upper division (300-400) special topics courses. Check out some of them below!

PHI 333 - Philosophy in Science Fiction: Harry Potter

This course uses the Harry Potter series to introduce and explore philosophical problems such as good vs. evil, self and other, perspectives on death, and mythological analysis. This course is being offered Spring 2017.

PHI 350 - Medical Ethics

This course examines ethical dimensions of medical practices. Among the topics covered are physician assisted suicide, rationing of health care, cloning, and animal research. Additionally, because this class is likely to include future or current health care professionals, we will also examine important moral dimensions of physician-patient and nurse-patient relationships, focusing on the moral meaning most see as inherent in these relationships.

PHI 360 - Philosophy in Religion

This course examines the general philosophical problems that arise in connection with religion and religious beliefs. Topics may include the nature and existence of God, the problem of evil, mysticism, and meaning and validation of religious utterances. This course is being offered Spring 2017.