Stephen F. Austin State University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I apply to the English Language Institute (ELI)?

You may apply by completing the application, which is available through our web site. If you need a paper copy of the application sent to you, please write to us or e-mail us with your request. A complete application packet will include: (1) application form with certification of financial support, (2) copy of high school diploma or equivalent, (3) $50 application fee. These materials should be sent to:

International Admissions
PO Box 6152
Stephen F Austin State University
Nacogdoches, TX 75962

May I fax the application?
You may fax the application, but we cannot complete your admission until we have received certified copies of the high school diploma and the certification of financial support as well as the $50 application fee. Our fax number is (936) 468-7215.
Is there a deadline for application?
We encourage students to apply as early as possible because of restrictions on class sizes. Also, early application and admission is advisable so that the application for a student visa can be submitted to the US consulate abroad. Students may begin classes during the Fall semester (end of August) or Spring semester (middle of January).
Is a TOEFL score required for admission to ELI?
No. A placement test will be administered at the beginning of the term to determine which level the student will be placed in.
How do I obtain a student visa to study in the United States?
After we receive your completed application packet, we will admit you to the ELI. We will send you an official letter of admission and an I-20 form. You need to take the I-20 form to the nearest US consulate and apply for a visa there. It is difficult to predict how long it will take to get a visa. We urge students to complete the application process early.
How long are the semesters?
ELI follows the university calendar. The Fall and Spring semesters are each 14 weeks long.
Will successful completion of the ELI program allow me to enter the university as a matriculated student?
Yes, successful completion of the ELI program of study will enable a student to enter directly into an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Stephen F Austin State University if other entrance requirements are met. It is not necessary to take the TOEFL examination.
How long must I study at ELI before I can be admitted to a degree program at the university?
The length of study required for admission to a degree program at the university depends on several factors, including the student's language abilities at the beginning of the program. Some students who enter the program with an intermediate knowledge of English can enter the university after a single semester; many students require multiple years in ELI.
May I take regular university classes while enrolled in ELI?
Must I live on campus?
We recommend that all students live on campus. Rent in campus housing is low and it is extremely convenient to all campus activities. Also, living among US students will provide many opportunities for further practice and development of your English language skills.
What is the schedule of daily classes?
Classes meet four days each week (usually Monday through Thursday). Formal classes meet from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. daily. There are also at least four regularly scheduled conversation hours and tutoring sessions in the afternoons.
When are the placement tests administered?
The ELI placement tests are given at the beginning of each term. Students need to arrive before the beginning of the term so that all university paperwork can be completed.
What is the average class size?
The average class size in ELI is 10 students. Our classes are small so that instructors can work with students individually and in small groups.
When do I pay my fees?
After you receive a letter of admission, you should send a $100 deposit for housing application and contract. This will guarantee your place in ELI. The balance of your fees should be paid as soon as you arrive on campus. Students who wish to transfer funds electronically are advised to write to us in advance.