Stephen F. Austin State University

Guidelines for Course Registration/Credits/Grades

Courses, Credits, Registration, and Grades

Faculty-led Programs

• Courses taught on SFA Faculty-Led are official SFA classes. Course names and grades will be posted to your transcript and your GPA will be affected.

• OIP strongly suggests that you contact your program leader and your academic adviser to ensure that the class/es you intend to take abroad meet your graduation requirements. Please keep in mind that courses offered are usually based on the number of students enrolled, and low enrollment numbers may result in the cancellation of courses.

• You will enroll in your study abroad courses in the same manner that you enroll in on-campus courses. All other course enrollment procedures are consistent with those on campus, including deadlines.

• Students may study abroad in their senior year. However, students should ensure through careful consultation with their faculty adviser(s) that such study does not result in an unanticipated delay of graduation.

Providers (All) and Exchange (ISEP, La Rochelle, MCI, Jean Monnet)

• Courses that are not taken at SFA are considered transfer courses. In order to receive credit for a non SFA course, you'll need to fill out a Course Approval Form and have it approved by the Office of Admissions, your advisor and Dean. Students are recommended to have twice as many courses approved as they plan to take abroad in case first choice classes are not offered.

• If you take courses other than the ones approved on your course approval form, you will need to have those courses approved before they can apply to specific degree requirements. This can be accomplished while you are abroad or immediately upon your return. Please have your courses approved as soon as possible to avoid delays in your graduation auditing process.

• Note that post-approval can be denied if the student does not provide sufficient material to justify awarding credit for a particular course taken abroad. It is recommended that students keep all syllabi, coursework, tests, quizzes, etc. until their credits have completely transferred to SFA.

• Non-SFA Courses taken abroad will be posted to the SFA record using the Pass Grading Option but will not be calculated into the SFA GPA. These courses may fulfill major and minor requirements.

• Your study abroad coordinator will request the Registrar's Office your enrollment in a study abroad placeholder course. The number of credits associated with this placeholder will correspond with the number of credits indicated in the Course Approval Form. This placeholder class allows your Financial Aid to disburse and keeps your student status active while you are studying abroad.

• Upon completion of the study abroad program and receipt of an official transcript, the actual number of credits earned while abroad will be posted to the SFA record.

• Students must maintain full-time status while studying abroad for a semester or academic year (equivalent of at least 12 U.S. credits each spring or fall semester).

• If a student does not maintain full-time status and receives financial aid to support their term abroad, they may be required to repay some or all of their aid award.

• Students will be subject to the academic rules of their host institution or program overseas. Students must stick to their withdrawal, add, and drop deadlines - SFA deadlines do not apply in these cases.

• Seniors: Students may study abroad in their senior year. However, students should ensure through careful consultation with their faculty adviser(s) that such study does not result in an unanticipated delay of graduation. Furthermore, transcripts from abroad, may take 12- 15 weeks to arrive. Please be aware that this delay will affect your graduation time if you study abroad during your last semester as a senior.

• It is the student's responsibility to ensure they are enrolled full-time at their host university and SFA (minimum 12 units per semester for spring or fall at SFA).

• It is the student's responsibility to ensure their overseas transcript is sent to the SFA Office of International Programs.

An Incomplete grade (KH) will be posted to the student's SFA placeholder after the study abroad term. Upon receipt of the study abroad transcript, the Incomplete grade will be removed and the actual grades earned will be posted and the study abroad placeholder will show a "K". If a transcript is not received the Incomplete grade will automatically change to an "F" after 180 days.

Other Exchange Programs

Please meet with your contact of the sponsoring college or department to discuss registration procedures and policies.
Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance/SFA School of Theatre - Dr. Shattuck
Tasmania University/ SFA School of Music - Dr. Stephen Lias
Koblenz-Landau University/Department of Language, Culture and Communication - Dr. Louise Stoehr