Stephen F. Austin State University

Financial Aid

If you are currently receiving or are planning on using Financial Aid to pay for all or part of your expenses while abroad, go to the Financial Aid Office in order to determine whether aid will transfer to your study abroad program. If you will qualify for financial aid, apply early to ensure the procedures are carried out correctly. This will enable you to receive notification of your award and help you plan for other financial arrangements that you may need to make in order to go abroad.

Please note that there are specific requirements for students who study through an SFA-sponsored program and students who study through an exchange program (ISEP, Rose Bruford) or a provider program (ISA, KEI, etc). Please see the information below.

Students studying through an SFA faculty-led program

To defer payment, students need to have their Financial Aid officer complete the Financial Aid Deferral Form. Payment will be deferred up to the aid amount until 10 business days from the date the aid is disbursed. Balance beyond transferable aid remains due on the payment due date. This form does NOT eliminate the requirement to pay the $50 application fee and the program deposit on the regular payment schedule.

Students studying through an exchange program or a provider program (ISEP, etc)

In order to receive financial aid a student must carry a full-time load at the host institution abroad and receive transferable credit for the program toward his or her degree. Credit received on a study abroad program does not have to fulfill major requirements, but can be recognized as elective credits that advance the student towards a degree (i.e., language credits).

In order to receive consideration for financial assistance, you will have to submit to the Financial Aid Office the Study Abroad Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form. The purpose of this form is to ensure disbursement of the proper amount of financial aid. You will be responsible for paying all program fees at the other institution using the financial aid that is refunded to you by SFA. SFA will not make any payment directly to any other school or provider. You are responsible to provide the host school/program provider with your financial aid award information and disbursement dates.

Finally, please keep in mind that typically, it takes three weeks or longer to get all the necessary signatures on a concurrent agreement. Financial aid cannot be disbursed without this signed agreement. Once accepted in the study abroad program, your study abroad coordinator will request the Registrar's Office your enrollment in a study abroad placeholder course for the number of academic credits indicated in your Course Approval Form. This placeholder class allows your Financial Aid to disburse and keeps your student status active while you are studying abroad.

Attention Exchange Students!

If you are studying abroad through an exchange program you will no need to submit the Concurrent Enrollment Form. However, please visit your Final Aid advisor and check if aid will cover your study abroad expenses.
Attention Tasmania, Koblenz-Landau University and Rose Bruford Exchange Students: You register at SFA, you will not have a study abroad placeholder.