Stephen F. Austin State University

Admission to English Language Program only

For students applying to study in the Intensive English Program (ELI) only

Students applying for academic programs and students seeking conditional admission pending English proficiency, submit the appropriate academic application (using the information on the Undergraduate or Graduate (Master's PhD) pages).

  2. APPLICATION FEE ($50 payable by US Check or Money Order)
  3. DIPLOMA OR CERTIFICATE From high school/ highest level of education
  4. ORIGINAL BANK STATEMENT Verifying funds of at least $17,690 USD
  6. MENINGITIS VACCINATION PROOF Only if student is < 22 years of age ±
All students who wish to be admitted to the English Language Institute must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Please note that the ELI does not provide beginning English instruction. Students should already possess an intermediate level of English proficiency.

Although TOEFL or IELTS scores are not required, to succeed in the ELI program, students should enter with skills equivalent to a score no lower than a 46 on the TOEFL or a 5.0 on the IELTS. Students should be able to comprehend and respond to conversational English, read and comprehend simplified academic texts, and write simple sentences. For most students, a minimum of two years' previous study of English is necessary to succeed in the program. Find more information on the English Proficiency Requirements page.

± Not needed for admission, but students will not be able to register for classes until this is received.