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ELI Flatjack

Meet Eli Flatjack 3

Who is Eli Flatjack?

Eli Flatjack is the English Language Institute's best friend who embodies the spirit of the ELI and brings our students together even after the classes are over. Sharing Eli Flatjack's pictures is a fun way to connect ELI students and faculty members in an out-of-class environment, and contribute to the sense of unity for all the ELI program participants.

Eli Flatjack food Eli Flatjack valentines Day Eli Flatjack UNO ELi Flatjack Homework 2ELI Flatjack Eli Flatjack 1 Homework ELI glatjackEli Flatjack Starbucks

Students enjoy taking pictures with Eli anytime during the day: while doing homework, having coffee with their friends, watching movies, going on trips, or even traveling to their home countries!


We encourage anyone who wants to be a part of the ELI community to post their pictures of Eli Flatjack on Facebook under the hashtag #EliFlatjack, or in our Facebook group "ELI Club at SFA"

Make Eli travel the world with ELI!

Click on Eli to download his printable version in color: Eli Flatjack Color

Click on Eli to download his printable version in black and white: Eli Flatjack black and white