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ITV Video Conferencing

ITV & Videoconferencing

Whereas Collaborate and Web Conferencing is designed for convenience and desktop quality video or chat, ITV Video Conferencing is the best solution when you need high quality two-way visual interaction or when you need dependable video of a high quality through a course semester. ITV Video Conferencing typically required parties at both ends to used specialized equipment and make arrangements well in advance.

Our multi-classroom videoconference systems offer a wide range of connectivity options. Most of our on-campus systems are H.323 compliant, which means they can operate using a standard Ethernet connection in a classroom or office. By using these units, we can have a portable system set up quickly and harness the flexibility of our campus network, without the need for costly, dedicated circuit connections that are only available in a few select classrooms. We can establish connections with other high-bandwidth partners who also have IP-based systems to deliver compressed video over the Internet. Another benefit is being able to take advantage of SFA's Internet 2 connectivity when videoconferencing to other members or pier networks. The Northeast Texas Network Consortium (NETnet), provides high-quality connectivity to SFA and other affiliated institutions throughout East Texas. Through this consortium, SFA also has access to ISDN-based connectivity for placing toll calls to virtually anywhere.


OIT offers a comprehensive series of workshops in our Certified ITV Instructor Workshop Series. These worshops were designed to help faculty or administrative staff comfortably switch from a traditional face-to-face class or conference room venue, to an ITV setting. To see when this series is offered, please visit our workshop registration page.

Services and Fees:

There is no charge to SFA academic departments to use videoconferencing. In addition to conducting academic classes at a distance, videoconferencing can be used for various types of meetings and special events.