Stephen F. Austin State University

Media Production & Streaming

Media Production Services

OIT can assist with your media duplication and production needs. Please review the menu below for a list of services and associated fees. If you would like our assistance with any of these services, simply fill out and submit the request form at the bottom of this page and we will take care of the rest. All projects will be subject to copyright clearance.

Core Services Offered by OIT:

CD Duplication - $1.00 per disc
DVD Duplication - $3.00 per disc
VHS Duplication - $2.00 per tape
CD Label Printing (included)
DVD Label Printing (included)
CD/DVD Cases and Printed Covers - $1.00 per case/cover
Slide, Graphics or Text (OCR) Scanning - Contact OIT for pricing

*Video Streaming - No charge unless major production work is required.
*If the media is commercially produced, then copyright permission must be presented to OIT in writing.
Prices include the blank media, when applicable.

Expanded Services and Fees:

Videoconferencing (Two-way audio and/or video; interactive videoconferencing. Classes or meetings are shared by local sites connecting to remote sites.)
(only non-academic users will be charged - rate is $100 per hour)
Videotaping - $50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge
Editing/Post-production - please call for options and fees

Requesting Media Production Services:

Please CLICK HERE to go to the request form.
A completed request form must be submitted before work on a project can begin.
If you are requesting OIT staff to provide the labor for a project, please submit a completed form. We will then reply with specific instructions on where to send your materials (tapes, documents, slides, etc.).
Please email us if you have any questions about services and/or fees.

Time to complete a project will depend upon the size of the project and our current work load.