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In our ongoing effort to promote the highest standards of quality in online instruction, OIT is happy to sponsor for SFA, an Institutional Membership in the Sloan Corsortium, made possible in part by a discount program through Academic Partnerships. Sloan C logo

Sloan-C is a consortium of individuals, institutions and organizations committed to quality online education. As members of Sloan-C, SFA faculty have access to a rich resource of professional development materials, activities, and communities. For more information on Sloan-C visit or create your Sloan-C account now and get started using this great resource.

Account Set-Up / Log-in Instructions
Now that SFA is a member, every person at SFA is considered a member and needs their own Sloan-C account log-in and password.

How do I create an account affiliated with my institution?
Click here to create a free user account. Once you complete your registration, you will be forwarded to your "profile" page. Please enter your name and organization in the spaces provided. (Please make sure the organization name you type in matches the one listed on the membership list.) The system will now recognize you as a member. Go to the Member Resources Page for details on your membership.

I already have a user account. How do I make sure I am affiliated with my institution?
Please log-in to Go to your User Account page, click on Edit Profile tab and add your organization name in the space provided. (Please make sure the organization name you type in matches the one listed on the membership list.) The system will now recognize you as a member. Go to the member resources page for details on your membership benefits such as free webinars and access to the JALN.

Classroom Clickers

No doubt you have heard about "clickers", the personal response systems used ResponseCard N X Tat many universities to enhance the classroom experience by capturing student responses to ad hoc surveys, examinations, or even roll call.

In 2008, OIT asked Dr. Norm Markworth to chair a committee of faculty members charged with conducting a study of clickers and recommending a standard "clicker" for SFA. After much research, the committee selected the Turning Technology company as the SFA standard. The current clicker product is their ResponseCard NXT.

OIT and the Teaching Excellence Center co-sponsor workshops and presentations for faculty who would like more information about how "clickers" may be used to enhance the classroom experience. For more information contact Randy Watson by phone at x2774 or by email at

Inform the bookstore in advance that you would like to use Turning Technology's Response Card NXT.


Turnitin is SFA's licensed plagiarism prevention and detection software. Turnitin can compare your student's paper to thousands of other previously submitted papers to detect similarities and potential plagiarism. This tool can be used to encourage academic honesty.

It is integrated into D2L via the Dropbox (assignments) tool. To use Turnitin, simply create a new Dropbox folder in your D2L course, name it whatever you want (typically, the name of the assignment the students are submitting), and be sure to check the "Plagiarism Detection" checkbox right beneath the field where you entered the folder's title. That's what activates Turnitin. After your students submit their files, you'll see the Turnitin originality reports.

Turnitin can also be used externally, if you wish to use it without using D2L. To get an external account, contact our Turnitin administrator, Laura Osborne, at 936-468-1452 or by email at


SFA has an unlimited license to an online survey tool named Qualtrics, which is available to all SFA employees and students. The system has great online tutorials, daily training sessions, and live technical support provided by the Qualtrics company. Please watch the orientation videos at

To get started with your own survey, visit

For help, once you are logged in, click the Help & Tutorials button at the top of the page. For live technical support phone 801.374.6682 ext. 6800 or send email to