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What's New?

D2L has recently been upgraded to a new version. Our training and support materials are in the process of being updated; soon you'll be able to find new printable handouts and new video clips on our web site, and will be able to register for a newly updated version of the self-paced D2L online workshops as well.

How to use the myTraining self-registration system

All OIT workshops are listed on SFA's new workshop registration system called myTraining.

myTraining is located at

Once there.....

1. Click on the User Profile / Log In link.
2. Log in using your mySFA username and password.
3. To see what workshops are available, click on Classes by Title or Classes by Date.
4. Click on a workshop's name to view its description.
5. Click on a workshop's time and date to register.

After registering, you can view what you've registered for or cancel your registration by returning to the User Profile / Log In screen, clicking Classes in the Quick Links, and scrolling down to the bottom. Don't forget to Log Out in the User Profile menu.

OIT Workshop Descriptions

Online Instructor Certification Series

The Certified Online Instructor (COI) Certification Series provides faculty with the technical, design, and pedagogical skills needed for teaching online. The series includes two parts:

1. As a pre-requisite, completion of the four Desire2Learn workshops plus
2. the Online Instructor Certification Course, a semester-length online course led by Janet Kamps.

Faculty interested in becoming certified should contact Janet Kamps at or 936-468-1818.

Desire2Learn - D2L

These workshops are suggested for all faculty using D2L and are a pre-requisite for all faculty seeking Online Instructor Certification.

D2L #1: Managing Content in Desire2Learn (2 hours)

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn specific techniques on how to manage content in your D2L courses, including how to upload files, set up and organize your course Content area, and use the built-in HTML creator to create and edit content in D2L.

D2L #2: Managing Grades in Desire2Learn (2 hours)

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to set up and organize your grade book in D2L, enter grades, and customize your grade book settings. You will also learn how to manage the way in which your final grades are calculated, and how to release final grades to students.

D2L #3: Managing Discussions, Dropboxes, and Groups in Desire2Learn (2 hours)

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn to create, edit, organize, and grade discussions and assignments (in D2L, the assignments tool is called the Dropbox). This workshop will also cover how to create and manage groups of students and how to create and assign group-specific activities.

D2L #4: Managing Quizzes in Desire2Learn (2 hours)

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn to create and grade quizzes in D2L, as well as how to create a variety of types of quiz questions.

Other Workshops

Introduction to Collaborate (1 hour)

Learn to use Collaborate in your D2L courses to chat with your students using not only text chat, but also voice, real-time video, screen sharing, and much, much more. Administrators will also find Collaborate useful for conducting meetings while reducing travel costs and saving time. A Collaborate online orientation is available.

Collaborate Publish (1 hour)

Learn how to use Collaborate Publish to download, process and save your recordings for delivery to mobile devices and/or for long-term archiving. This workshop is intended for experienced Collaborate users.

Podcasting Basics (2 hours)

What is the quickest, most convenient way for faculty to record and place lectures and recordings online? What is the easiest way for students to then download these recordings to their MP3 players and listen on the go? Podcasting. Register for this workshop and join us to find out how this method of delivery can be advantageous for both yourself and your students.

Introduction to Turnitin (1.5 hours)

Learn the basics of Turnitin, the SFA-licensed plagiarism prevention system. Also learn the basics of using GradeMark, a built-in feature of Turnitin, to grade student papers online.

ITV Series (5 workshops)
SFA Certified ITV Instructor Workshop Series (15 hours)

Learn the operating procedures and equipment needed to deliver an interactive television course. Most sessions will take place in an ITV room on campus. For more information, contact Randy Watson ( or 468-2774).

Workshop 1: Overview, Technology Currents, Networks, Hardware Familiarization, Scheduling
Workshop 2: Hands-on Operation, Techniques, Student Engagement, Model Classroom, Digital Presentations
Workshop 3: Copyright and ITV, Videoconferencing and ADA
Workshop 4: Backup Procedures, Online Enhancements for ITV, Using Asynchronous Resources with ITV , Practice Connections
Workshop 5: Q & A, Presentations, Self/Peer Evaluations