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Lecture Capture

About Lecture Capture at SFA

As long as lectures have been given, students have wanted to capture them. Whether by taking notes in class, personal tape recorders, or other means, students have demonstrated their need to preserve what they hear and see in class so that they can review it again later. Today, modern lecture capture technology is available to assist faculty in making lectures, snippets of lectures, demonstrations, and other multimedia content available to students both before and after classroom meeting times. Students benefit from lecture capture technology by being able to pause, search, review, and add notes to recorded lectures based on their individual learning needs.


Panopto Project logo The Office of Instructional Technology has investigated a variety of solutions for capturing faculty lectures and has selected PANOPTO to present to the SFA community on a trial/PILOT basis for the Spring 2014 semester.

During the PILOT semester, SFA will be experimenting with PANOPTO to determine its benefits and ease of use for faculty and students. All faculty are encouraged to try PANOPTO. We believe the product is relatively easy to use. However, if you do choose to be a "test pilot", you should expect that there will be a small learning curve and that the initial installation and flight may be a little bumpy. This is normal when piloting new software tools. Please be aware that the PILOT PROJECT is a learning period for the OIT staff as well as for faculty and students. During this time, OIT staff are discovering the best sets of supporting instructions to share with faculty and we solicit your input as to how we may best support you in using the product.

As we near the end of the semester, OIT will conduct a survey to solicit feedback from faculty and students. Based on that feedback, a decision will be made regarding PANOPTO's continued use at SFA.

To get started, please review the Quick Start Guides below. If you need technical assistance, please email Randy Watson at or call 468-2774.

Quick Start Guides