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Guides and Forms for Distance Education

There are many things to consider for faculty who are beginning the process to become an online instructor or to develop online courses or programs. The following resources will answer many questions.



Course Forms

Program Request Forms


Deadlines for Approval of Online Courses

Certified Online Instructors who are planning to develop a course that will be offered in a fully-developed online format for the first time in Summer or Fall and have not yet had a Design Plan Meeting for that course, should contact the OIT Instructional Designer to make arrangements to have a Design Plan Meeting by February 1. Final Reviews must be held by March 1.

Faculty planning to bring new fully-developed online courses forward for Final Review before the March 1 deadline must complete a Design Plan Meeting before February 1 in which they present at least two completed instructional modules.

So that we may focus on helping faculty meet the annual March 1 and October 1 deadlines for Final Review, the Office of Instructional Technology does not conduct Design Plan Meetings during the months of February or September. The OIT Instructional Designer may be reached by email at and by phone at ext. 1818 to help you schedule and prepare for the meetings.