Stephen F. Austin State University

Changes & Cancellations

Instructions for Changing a Reservation

Once students and parent/family members are registered for Orientation, they can change their Orientation date up to the beginning of the Orientation they are scheduled to attend. Parent/Family Orientation dates MUST coincide with student Orientation dates. It is not necessary to change students and parent dates separately. Once the student date is changed, the parent/family session will automatically change as well.

When changing your Orientation, you must have the student's original session date, new session date and student ID number. Before changing your Orientation, please be sure to check that the session you are wishing to change in to is available. Closed sessions are updated on the Online Reservation/Payment form and on the Orientation Dates section of our website.

Orientation sessions should be changed completing the Online Reservation Change Form. Please note: A $10 administrative change fee is will be accessed per session change.

Instructions for Cancelling Your Reservation

In order to cancel your Orientation session, you must submit an Online Reservation Cancellation Form within TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the session that you are scheduled to attend, with the exception of Transfer Orientation which is ONE WEEK in advance. The printable form may be filled out and emailed to as an attachment, or faxed to 936-468-6732.

If your cancellation is received before the deadline, you will receive a refund, minus a $20 service charge for the student and $10 per parent/family member for Lumberjack Orientation. The refund for Transfer Orientation will include a $10 service fee for students and $5 for family members.

Students and parent/family members who do not notify the Orientation Programs office by the cancellation date and do not reschedule to another session, will forfeit their Orientation fees. This also includes cancellations requested the day of your Orientation. Refunds for students who are ineligible for admission must also be requested in the same fashion and must be accompanied by a copy of the ineligibility letter sent by the Admissions Office. All refund requests must be submitted (online cancellation form), postmarked, e-mailed, or faxed (936-468-6732) by the following dates:

Deadline to Cancel for Lumberjack Orientation

Session 1 (June 11-12) - May 28 deadline
Session 2 (June 18-19) - June 4 deadline
Session 3 (June 25-26) - June 11 deadline
Session 4 (July 23-24) - July 9 deadline
Session 5 (July 30-31) - July 16 deadline

Deadline to Cancel for Transfer Lumberjack Orientation

Transfer Session 1 (November 15) - November 8 deadline
Transfer Session 2 (May 1) - April 24 deadline
Transfer Session 3 (July 10) - July 3 deadline
Transfer Session 4 (August 7) - July 31 deadline

Cancellation Forms

Online Reservation Cancellation Form