Stephen F. Austin State University

Deep East Texas P-16 Council

What is "P-16"


The primary project mission of the Deep East Texas P-16 grant is to lead the effort to create a college-going and career ready culture in the Deep East Texas area.


The four Deep East Texas P-16 goals are as follows:

Goal 1: College-going Culture

Lead the effort to create a college going culture in PK, elementary, middle, and high schools in Deep East Texas.

Goal 2: Curriculum/Assessment Alignment

Establish a collaborative culture to clarify standards and expectations for college readiness that address what students must know and be able to do to succeed in entry level college/university courses and in the workforce.

Goal 3: Building Bridges among the Stakeholders

Collaborate with business, civic and educational groups that currently provide services to the P-12 schools to identify the resources available to help all students prepare for college and the workforce.

Goal 4: Communication to Articulate the Changing Needs of the Workforce

Develop a community wide communication effort to articulate the need for a well-educated workforce.

Basic Assumptions:

Building this system starts with a number of assumptions about a P-16 system. While it is not necessary to accept these specific assumptions, it is imp9ortant to articulate the assumptions that underlie any chosen approach. The assumptions on which this model was built are listed below.

Generation TX

Generation TX is a statewide initiative meant to nurture a culture of college and career readiness. This website, connects students, parents, and the community to others and clarifies the steps on the path to college and career education. It provides assistance on the application process, financial aid process, as well as testing information. It offers support at every step in the process.

Goals of Generation TX

Goal 1: To develop a commitment among stakeholders to create a college-going culture in Texas public schools that will prepare all students for a post-secondary education.

Goal 2: To clarify the processes of applying for college admission and student financial aid.

Goal 3: To increase awareness of and build support for the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS).

Goal 4: To get students into and graduating with a post-secondary education!