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Stephen F. Austin State University

Vendors / Contractors

Contractor and Vendor Parking Permits

Parking & Traffic recognizes the important role each contractor plays and wishes to accommodate parking needs to the best of their ability. However, with limited parking on the SFA campus, it is essential the university have clear and concise policies and procedures to accommodate the contractors and vendors who have business on campus.

Contractors are comprised of individuals within a company that has been hired by the University to perform construction and/or renovation or building repair. Vendors include any individual, company, or corporation that provides a product or service to the University. This includes sales representatives, consultants, recruiters, contracted companies conducting business with SFA. Individuals who have an SFA affiliation (faculty, staff and students) do not qualify as a contractor or vendor and must purchase the appropriate permit for their university affiliation.

2014-2015 Permit Rates

Class "CV" - Contractor/Vendor Parking permit

  • Eligibility: Any non-affiliated vendor, salesperson, technical representative, other service personnel (such as copier repairers) or contractor. Students, faculty and staff are not eligible for vendor/service permits.
  • Price: $170 valid August 24, 2014 through August 25, 2015
  • Where: valid for parking in Faculty/Staff spaces when conducting university business, except. along Aikman Drive.

Class "B" - Daily Permit

  • Price: $3 each (minimum purchase of 5 permits)
  • Where: valid in the faculty/staff lots except Aikman Drive, which requires an AA permit, ADA spaces (unless a state ADA placard or license plate is displayed), resident spaces or reserved spaces (service truck, hall director, visitor, etc.). These permits may not be issued to SFA students.

Parking citations may be issued to those parking illegally