Stephen F. Austin State University

Boot and Tow Information

Vehicle Immobilization or Impoundment

Parking Services or UPD may immobilize (boot) or impound (tow/relocate to a storage area) the vehicle of any person who accumulates three (3) or more unpaid parking citations without a SFA parking permit, violation of the terms of a conditional release, parked in an ADA space without displaying a state ADA placard or license plate, or illegally using an ADA permit assigned to another individual, parked in any space without a permit for that area, or is in possession of a lost, stolen or altered parking permit. All outstanding citations must be paid in full prior to the release of the vehicle. Vehicles may also be booted for other violations of these regulations or state law at the discretion of UPD. The university is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle during booting, towing, relocation, or storage. After notice has been posted on the vehicle, vehicles booted for longer than three (3) days may be impounded (towed to a storage area). The owner and operator are responsible for any booting, towing or storage fees.

Immobilization (wheel lock): A vehicle may be immobilized in place if:

No vehicle may be towed without the express approval of the University Chief of Police, the Director of Parking or their designee. Fees for tow away will be included on the SFA bill if owner is a student or faculty or staff member. Others may pay at the university Business Office, located in the Austin Building, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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