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Special Event Parking

Special Event Parking

Everything that happens on campus begins and ends with one thing - parking! If there is a problem with parking, it reflects poorly on the event sponsor and the University.

Stephen F. Austin State University hosts a wide variety of events on campus including sports, concerts, plays, and VIP guests. Events frequently impact transportation, parking, and security on campus. Departments hosting events on campus will often need to make special arrangements through Parking Services to accommodate the parking and security required to accommodate the event. Our customer service staff will review submitted event service requests and provide assistance regarding access and parking for campus events. We request that even smaller events that do not necessarily require services be posted to the calendar for informational purposes only.

All special events will be planned with the least possible disruption to University students and staff that currently park on University-controlled parking facilities. Parking Services will determine which spaces may be used for event parking. This will be done on an event-by-event basis. The use of spaces for one event should not be considered approval for use of the spaces for any other or similar event. The determination for what spaces are to be utilized will be made based upon the academic calendar and current usage by University students and staff. All requests for parking permits/event parking require advance notice of at least 48 hours from the time that the permits must be delivered to the event coordinator. Sufficient notice is required to allow all involved departments to be properly notified. Once the request has been received, it will be evaluated and a determination will be made as to available parking locations. Parking Services reserves the right to limit the number of permits that a department may purchase at one time.

One of the available resources includes:

Orientation Parking

Parking Services welcomes all new students and their families to the University! Please stop by Parking Services in the Wilson Garage and a member of our customer service team will respond to all your questions and concerns about parking on the SFA campus.

During orientation parking will be available near Steen Hall and Lumberjack Village. The best way to get around SFA's campus is on foot or by bicycle. SFA encourages the use of bicycles as a convenient and sustainable form of transportation on campus. There are pedestrian-shared paved paths throughout campus.

If you receive a citation please complete the information on the rear of the citation and return to Parking Services. Please contact us at or by phone at (936) 468-PARK (7275) with any questions or concerns.