Stephen F. Austin State University

Auto Rental

Auto Rental

For any questions about Auto Rentals, contact Stina Herrera at 468-5107.

Rental Fleet

Vehicle Option Rate per Mile Minimum Charge Minimum Passengers
8P Van $0.575/mi $20.00 4 Passengers
12P Sprinter Van $0.83/mi $50.00 9 Passengers
52P Road Bus $2.5/mi $100.00 17 Passengers

Fleet Options
8 Passenger Vans 5 in fleet
12 Passenger Sprinter Van 3 in fleet
52 Passenger Road Bus 2 in fleet

**Cancellations should be made as far in advance as possible, and any cancellation made less than 48 hours in advance will incur the minimum charge**

**Failure to write down the mileage on the vehicle charge slip will incur an administrative fee of $20.00**

For more information visit

1. SFA Jack Track page

2. Rental of University Vehicles (16.23) Policy

3. Procedures for Rental of University Vehicles (revised 6/15/2015)

4. Fleet Management (16.11) Policy

5. Fleet Management Procedure

6. Rental and Use of Vehicles in an Official Capacity

Forms Available

1. Itinerary Template

2. Vehicle Request Form

3. Voyager Manual