Stephen F. Austin State University

Central Stores Order

What does Central Stores offer?

Central Stores provides a supply of materials primarily to support maintenance activities. Additionally, a limited number of other items are provided to support instructional and administrative activities. For any questions or to place an order, contat Evie Jones 468-4211.


Purchases from Central Stores will be allowed only upon presentation of valid university account number, work order number, and authorized signature on sales receipt. Sales will not be made to overdrawn accounts without approval of the appropriate vice president.

How to order:

  1. In person at the Central Stores sales counter
  2. By telephone at 468-5303


Returns with credit will be allowed for non-discontinued mechandise within 10 days of purchase. Defective/damaged merchandise will be replaced, or a refund made, when return is made within a reasonable period of time. The sales receipt is required for all returns, replacements or credits.

Delivery Services

Bulk items of Central Stores merchandise will be delivered without an additional cost by Central Receiving. Small items and small quantities will not be routinely delivered. Orders may be picked up at the Central Stores sales counter.

Request to Stock Merchandise

New merchandise will be added to the Central Stores stock upon the request of a
department head or his/her designee when the item meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The item is critical to operations and not available in the local marketplace.
  2. The item is needed routinely by one or more departments.
  3. Institutional benefits can be shown either in having the item available when needed, or by saving money through ordering in bulk.
  4. Adequate physical facilities are available to store and protect the merchandise.

Special items stocked at the request of a department that are not sold after a reasonable time (one year) will be charged to the requesting department and disposal of the items will be the responsibility of the requesting department.