Stephen F. Austin State University



Ron Watson
Ron Watson - Director Phone: 936.468.4341
Jeff Ghiringhelli
Jeff Ghiringhelli - Associate Director Phone: 936.468.7261
John Branch
John Branch - Assistant Director Phone: 936.468.4165
Amy Beckham
Amy Beckham - Work Control Specialist Phone: 936.468.3206
Shelby Childress
Shelby Childress - Accounting Clerk III Phone: 936.468.4480
Kendall Conner
Kendall Conner - Designer/Estimator Phone: 936.468.2786
Jessica DeWitt
Jessica DeWitt - Manager of Physical Plant Projects Phone: 936.468.4807
Mary Evans
Mary Evans - Administrative Assistant Phone: 936.468.3906
Alison Ford
Alison Ford - Manager of Physical Plant Business Phone: 936.468.4458
Bruce Lanham
Bruce Lanham - Construction Manager Phone: 936.468.4574
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller - Records Administrator Phone: 936.468.1400
Hillary Parrish
Hillary Parrish - Manager of Physical Plant Staff Services Phone: 936.468.4290
Johnny Sanchez
Johnny Sanchez - Plant Operations Analyst Phone: 936.468.7232
Allen Singleton
Allen Singleton - Manager of Mechanical Maintenance and Building Trades Phone: 936.468.4546
Amanda Willoughby
Amanda Willoughby - Accounting Clerk III Phone: 936.468.4055