Stephen F. Austin State University

Pre Requisites for Medicine

While some programs may have slight differences, most medical pre requisites are identical for all medical schools in Texas and around the country. Below is a listing of the consensus courses that upon completion will allow application to all Texas Dental Schools.

Most premedical students major in biology or chemistry, but ANY major is acceptable, as long as students complete this sequence of courses:

1. CHE 133 + L, 134 + L (General Chemistry I and II),
CHE 331 + L, 332 + L (Organic Chemistry I and II) , and
CHE 452 (Biochemistry I, lecture only portion)

2. BIO 130, 131 + L, 133 + L (Cell Biology, Botany & Zoology)
* additional biology courses which are essential for success on the MCAT Exam are:
BIO 341 (genetics)
BIO 327 (human physiology)

3. MTH 220 (Statistics).

4. PHY 132 + L, 133 + L (Physics w/ Trig) or PHY 241 +L & 242 +L (w/ Calculus)

Note: Students must also check for additional prerequisites for their programs/professional schools

Click the link below to view a table listing the specific pre requisites at individual Texas Medical Schools:

Texas Medical School Pre Requisites PDF