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Charter Bus Services

Charter Bus Services

Contract Term: 9/1/2015 - 8/31/2016

Purchasing Contact: Amberr Melo 936.468.4472


Chuck's Travel

PO Box 6995, Tyler TX

Phone: 903.597.4993

Contract No: CHUCKSTRAVEL-052515-01 View contract

Contact Donny Roach for pricing.
Red River Trailways

PO Box 78153 / Shreveport, LA 71137

Phone: 318.221.5797

Contract No: REDRIVER-052515-03 View contract

Sun Travel

PO Box 12691 / Beaumont TX 77726

Phone: 409.840.4600

Contract No: SUNTRAVEL-052515-02 View contract

Tri-City Charter

PO Box 10135, Longview TX

Phone: 903.663.5514

Contract No: TRICITY-052515-04 View contract

Contact Andy Tucker for pricing.
True North Travel Solutions

1011 E. Touhy Avenue, Suite 135 / Des Plaines, IL 60018

Phone: 312.698.8991

Contract No: TRUENORTH-060115-01 View contract

Contact Nick Gyllin for pricing.

Ordering Instructions

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General Information

If you are using a vendor other than the ones listed above a contract will need to be signed and in place prior to the trip.

The vendors shown above have signed a master contract and provided the required proofs of insurance; no additional contract is necessary.

If the cost of the trip is expected to exceed $10,000.00, a vendor must be selected through a solicitation process.

Rate Details

Rates have not been negotiated.

Trips will be quoted individually as requested.