Stephen F. Austin State University

Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services

Contract Term: 9/1/2015 - 8/31/2016

Purchasing Contact: Amberr Melo 936.468.4472


Rising Star Resource Development Corporation - "RSRDC"

2904 Floyd Street, Dallas TX

Phone: 214.442.1663

Ordering Instructions

Email or call Rising Star to discuss needs and determine job classifications and rates.

Create a Requisition in Banner; select TIBH as the vendor.

General Information

Vehicle use by temporary employees is not preferred; however, if a temporary employee needs to drive a SFA vehicle he/she will be required to attend the SFA Defensive Driving Class.

Temporary staff will be provided safety training by contractor. Contact the Safey Office for specific SFA safety training if needed.

Injury or illness at the work-site - contact RSRDC immeidately; an injury report will be required.

Criminal background check - mandatory for security sensitive positions

Conversion of RSRDC temporary employee to SFA employee (see Rate Details below)

Temporary staff candidates will be pre-screened to match the general skill requirements of the department and may be submitted for interviews based on RSRDC ranking.

Specific candidates for temporary positions can be recommended by SFA to the contractor for consideration. Proposed candidates must contact RSRDC directly to interview the position.

Temporary staff will be provided an excel timesheet for tracking and approval of hours billed in 15-minute increments.

Temporary staff must have access to a computer to enter hours, print and transmit timesheets.

Rate Details

Other Needs and applicable charges:
Conversion of RSRDC temporary employee to SFA employee - $250.00 fee if converted prior to 45 calendar days after assignment

Criminal Background Check - statewide by resident - $17.00

Drug Analysis Testing - provided upon request - $35.00

If Rising Star is unable to meet your needs, please contact the Purchaser for assistance.