Stephen F. Austin State University

Sheet Metal/Stainless Steel Fabrication, HVAC and Plumbing

Sheet Metal/Stainless Steel, HVAC and Plumbing Services

Contract Term: 9/1/2018 - 8/31/2019

Purchasing Contact: Kimberly Jones 936.468.6551


Nacogdoches Sheet Metal and Plumbing

Nacogdoches, TX

Phone: 936.564.5276

Contract No: First Choice #FC2087 / P1900053

website: First Choice Cooperative

Ordering Instructions

This PO is a PO for use by the Student Center. If any other department needs the use of Nacogdoches Sheet Metal and Plumbing services please reach out to Kimberly Jones, contracting specialist, , 936.468.6551.

General Information

Projects $100,000 or greater require approval by the Board of Regents.