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Ordering Instructions

Choose one of the 4 options below then contact Jaimie Garrie

General Information

- Consumable supplies are almost always included in the maintenance portion of these contracts and this should be considered in comparing the cost of the copier you choose.

- Most of the "well known" brands are on one or more state or Coop contracts (i.e. DIR, TPASS, TCPN). If for some reason you have found a copier that is not on a contract and is over $5,000 it will have to be bid out and there is no guarantee that the low bidder will be the vendor of your choice.

- Receiving is NOT required on copiers

- Copiers with hard drives are required per policy to have data overwrite capabilities.

(4) options when ordering a copier:

1. Purchase w/Maintenance Contract *Most Popular*

Purchase a copier in full. If you wish to do this you CAN use HEF Funds for the Maintenance ONLY at the time of purchase. If you do not wish to do a maintenance contract and then decide later on you do want to add a maintenance contract, you CANNOT use HEF Funds.

2. Lease (with or without option to purchase) *Most Popular*

Lease (usually paid monthly) is held by the vendor until paid in full. Once paid in full you will have 1 of the following options: $1 buyout (Municipal), meaning you pay $1 extra and the machine is yours OR Fair Market Value (FMV) which means you pay what the market says is the current price of the copier and the machine is yours. Maintenance is included. CANNOT use HEF Funds.

3. Lease/Purchase (financing)

Lease (usually paid monthly) is held by the vendor until paid in full and then you are the owner of the machine at the end of the contract. This option sometimes requires a 3rd party financing option; meaning the vendor you lease the machine from will not necessarily be the vendor you are paying. This option normally requires a separate maintenance agreement be purchased through a separate vendor. Can use HEF Funds.

4. Rental

Month to Month rental of a copier. Normally 30 days notice is required to cancel rental. Prices on rentals are normally higher than a lease. CANNOT use HEF Funds.


The below listed vendors are the ones we currently utilize. If you find a vendor you would like to use that is not listed, please contact Jaimie Garrie with the vendor's Name, Address, Phone, and contact person's Name and e-mail address.


7510 Calder Ave. Beaumont, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 409.866.2422 1. Canon
Representative: Rodney Polk

Complete Business Systems

719 W Front St, Ste. 65 Tyler, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 713.503.1941 1. Ricoh 2. Lanier
Representative: Alex Ryser 3. Savin 4. Hewlett Packard

East Texas Copy Systems

1600 W. Frank Ave. Ste A Lufkin, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 936.699.4455 1. Canon 2. Kyocera Mita 3. Copylite
Representative: Curt Tatum

Innovative Office Systems

2108 N. John Redditt Dr. Lufkin, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 936.633.6550 1. Kyocera
Representative: Jeff Taylor

Ricoh USA

100 E Ferguson Ste 416 Tyler, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 903.594.4458 1. Ricoh
Representative: Randy Fedell

Texas Document Solutions

2003 Atkinson Dr. Lufkin, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 936.699.2800 1. Canon 2. Sharp 3. Kyocera
Representative: Bryan Modisette


424 North St. Nacogdoches, TX Services the following machine(s):
Phone: 936.569.1992 1. Xerox
Representative: Scott Waller