Stephen F. Austin State University

Document Destruction (Shredding) Services

Document Destruction Services

Contract Term: 9/1/2017 - 10/31/2018

Purchasing Contact: Nicole Ivancic 936.468.4472


Security Shredding

PO Box 3539, Lufkin TX

Phone: 888.287.4733

Contract No: B1800231

Ordering Instructions

NEW SERVICE: Departments shall submit a requisition with an approximate weight total, to include the point of contact, building and room number for the pickup service. Procurement will contact the vendor to arrange the next available service date.

EXISTING SERVICE: Departments using monthly paper bin pickup service will receive an email prior to the start of each new fiscal year to confirm the next year's service needs. Procurement will process a new Release Order accordingly.

NOTE: Departments shall separate paper goods from mixed media prior to service pickup. Mixed media, such as CDs, floppy disks, etc., are NOT to be placed in the paper bins. These items are charged at a higher rate and could cause damage to the vendor's equipment. More importantly, the equipment used to shred paper documents may not be properly destroy this type of media.

General Information

Feel free to contact the vendor to discuss sizes of containers and frequency of pick-up and shredding.

Rate Details

Visits may be scheduled monthly, quarterly, etc. based on the department's needs.

• University Boxes (paper goods/documents) - $0.16 per lb for on-site destruction

• University Boxes (micro-fiche, etc. mixed media) - $2.00 per lb for off-site destruction

• Hard Drive destruction - $12.00 per item for off-site destruction

• First Cabinet or Container - $45.00 per visit for on-site destruction

• Each additional Cabinet - $30.00 per visit for on-site destruction

• Each additional Container - $35.00 per visit for on-site destruction