Stephen F. Austin State University

Document Destruction (Shredding) Services

Document Destruction Services

Contract Term: 11/1/2018 - 8/31/2019

Purchasing Contact: Nicole Ivancic 936.468.4472


Shred-it USA LLC

5430 Greenwood Road, Shreveport, LA 71105

Phone: 318.794.9326

Contract No: B19B0231

Ordering Instructions

NEW SERVICE: Departments shall submit a requisition to include the point of contact, building and room number for the pickup service. Procurement will contact the vendor to arrange the next available service date.

EXISTING SERVICE: Departments using monthly paper bin pickup service will receive an email prior to the start of each new fiscal year to confirm the next year's service needs. Procurement will process a new Release Order accordingly.

General Information

Contact the Purchasing Contact to change the size of containers and frequency of pick-up and shredding.

Rate Details

Visits may be scheduled monthly, quarterly, etc. based on the department's needs.

• First two Cabinets or Container - $43.3 per visit for on-site destruction

Each additional container - 32 Gal-$7.25 / 65 Gal-$10.55 / 95 Gal- $12.20

• University Boxes (micro-fiche, etc. mixed media) - $0.16 per lb for off-site destruction

• University Boxes (paper goods/documents) - $34.65 for first (2) 32 gallon consoles.

Each additional container: 32 Gal- $5.80 / 65 Gal-$8.45 / 95 Gal-$9.75

• Hard Drive destruction - $5.00 per item for off-site destruction