Stephen F. Austin State University

State Contracts

State Contracts

Purchasing Contact: All Purchasers 936.468.2206


DIR Store
Department of Information Resources - Software, hardware, and telecommunications goods and services
TEX-AN Contracts
Department of Information Resources - Networking and telecommunications services
Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped - Various goods and services (per state law, TIBH must be considered before other sources)
TPASS Term Contracts
Texas Procurement and Support Services - Various goods and services - including recycled "green" products
TX-MAS Contracts
Texas Mutiple Award Schedule - GSA contracts approved by the TPASS for various goods and services

Ordering Instructions

If on-line ordering is available, you may order with a p-card as long as the purchase is within p-card guidelines.

If not using a p-card, submit a requisition referencing the contract and vendor that you believe offers the best value for the purchase, or your purchaser can research State Contracts for you.

General Information

Board of Regents approval is required for any single purchase $100,000 or greater.